Android is the hottest mobile technology that the present times have seen, not only in terms of modern features, but also for the amazing applications that it supports. When it comes to Android applications, many people fail to decide which application they need and what not, because there is a wide gallery to choose from. Given below are some examples of popular applications for Android , which can make your app experience on the Android smart phone smoother and more pleasant.

• Community Resources: This app is developed by Nullriver. This application sets a stage for 3rd party installations on your Android .

• OpenSSH + BSD Subsystem: If you install these two applications, they will allow you access the iPhone via sFTP. You can get easier method of structuring, accessing, and transferring your files on your phone.

• SummerBoard: This application allows the Android users to install more and more themes and wallpapers.

• Cuztomize: This application allows you to customize your default iPhone applications such as carrier images, bar images, dock background, airplane icon, Bluetooth icon, loading image, phone keypad image, hud image, main slider, calculator background, weather background, and weather icons.

• Vnotes: Since voice recording application does not come with Android when you buy it, Vnotes gives you a chance to enjoy it with its app. It is a savior for Android users. They can record voice notes and playback with this app.

• iSplit: This application is a calculating platform for the users.

• Nes: Nes or Nintendo Entertainment System application lets you enjoy Nintendo games on your iPhone.

• weDict: This is a mobile dictionary, loaded with dictionary files.

• Apollo: This iPhone app supports AIM, MSN, ICQ, and.Mac files.

• Finder: It is a search tool that searches your iPhone and can create, edit, and send files.

• Lockbox: This tool works as a security system on your Android. You can protect your information with username, password, and security number using this app.

• Navizon: This tracks down your current geographical location and sends it through Google Map. This app is useful for road navigation.

• PDFViewer: With this application, you can transfer the PDF files to your smart phone.

• RSS: RSS keeps all the feeds at one place in your Android gallery.

• Sketches: This application not only helps you to sketch or snap photos, but it also provides you with the opportunity to send these files to your friends via emails.

• ToDoList: To Do List is a basic need for all phones. This applications keeps a record of your categorizations, priority settings etc.

These are some of the most popular Android applications that have created quite a buzz. Apart from these, you also can have your customized Android application. But for that, you have to sign up for an application provider.

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